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Translation Technology Quote

ETC Europe uses the latest CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) tools to translate your texts. This has major
advantages for you:

Translation memories

We build up so-called translation memories for each customer. When we receive a new order from you, we use the existing translation memories to ‘pre-translate’ your text. Before starting the translation, we use the translation tools to check whether there are sentences in the texts that have been translated before (100% matches) or sentences that look a lot like sentences that have been translated before (lesser matches). The translations that we find are inserted into the translation and checked for correctness. The remaining text is translated by the translator and the new translations are added to the translation memory.

The more text we translate for you, the ‘richer’ the translation memory gets. Since more and more texts can be ‘pre-translated’ in the course of time, you ultimately save a lot of time and money.

Terminology databases

Besides translation memories, ‘CAT tools’ can also be used to create a terminology database (glossary) in which we store the translation of your important terminology. The use of a glossary ensures that identical terms are always translated in the same way. The combination of translation memories and terminology databases ensures that your texts are translated very consistently and unambiguously.

Simultaneous translations

ETC uses multiple ‘CAT tools’. We have a unique ‘CAT tool’ that enables us to have multiple translators working on the same text at the same time. This is useful when you have a large translation project with an extremely tight deadline. Every sentence translated by one of the translators is stored in the translation memory right away. Other translators can then consult and use this translation. When a translator needs to translate a sentence that resembles one of the translations in the translation memory, the ‘CAT tool’ suggests the use of that translation. This guarantees the consistency of the translations (identical words and terminology throughout the text).