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Interpretation Quote

An interpreter from ETC Europe is your best choice when it comes to the ‘translation’ of ‘spoken text’. Our
interpreters all speak their languages perfectly, are very meticulous, and feel at home in every situation. We also
take care of all the logistical aspects for you, such as transport, equipment and interpreting booths.

Different types of interpreters

Before hiring an interpreter, it is important to establish the situation in which the interpreter must work.

Congress or conference

For large events with many participants speaking different languages, we have interpreters specialised in simultaneous oral translation. They’re accustomed to working with interpreting equipment and interpreting booths. Participants in the event hear the translation spoken by the interpreter through earphones. In these situations, a so-called ‘whispering interpreter’ can also be used; this interpreter does not use equipment.

Meetings and presentations

Smaller events such as meetings and presentations often use consecutive interpreters, where the interpreter ‘follows’ the speaker. The speaker and the interpreter alternate with each other. For all situations, where possible we use interpreters who are well acquainted with the specialist area of the participants in the event.

Interviews and interrogations

During interviews and interrogations, the interpreter is the medium between the person asking the questions and the person answering them. The interpreter translates the question for the interviewee, listens to the reply and then translates this for the interviewer. We have sworn interpreters available for official interrogations, such as for the police or the immigration and naturalisation service.

At the notary’s

During meetings with a notary, the documents that are read are often phrased in extremely formal legal language. For these and similar situations, you need an interpreter who is familiar with the legal terminology in the source and target languages. Our legal interpreters are sworn interpreters and have a legal background.

Interpreters with specialist knowledge

You’ll get the best value when you use an interpreter who is familiar with your discipline. That’s why we always try to find an interpreter whose profile matches your specific situation as closely as possible. Our extensive pool of interpreters affords us a good selection to choose from, so we can always provide you with the most qualified interpreter.