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Translation Quote

ETC Europe provides translations for European institutions, international companies and non-profit organisations, among others. ETC Europe only works with qualified native-speakers who translate according to the highest linguistic standards.

Translators with knowledge of their field

ETC Europe only works with qualified translators. However, a linguistic background does not always guarantee good translations. In many fields, such as law, medicine and finance, our translators therefore need to meet additional standards. For the translation of legal texts, for example, we only use translators who have experience working in a legal environment or have completed training in legal translation.

Simultaneous translation into several languages

Do you need translations into multiple languages? We have plenty of expertise in implementing large-scale multilingual translation projects. The multilingual nature of the project does not affect our delivery times, thanks to our project management and the quality procedures that we use, our extensive pool of translators and our use of advanced translation tools.

Language and culture

Cultural aspects play an important role in international life. Even more so with written communication. For marketing texts in particular, but also for other texts, it is important that the translated text is consistent with the national culture of the target group. For this reason, we always take the cultural context into account when translating your texts. If you wish, we will be happy to advise you on this subject.

All language combinations

ETC Europe not only provides translations into and from all European languages but all other languages as well, including Chinese, Persian and Hindi. ETC Europe gives you access to all language combinations in a huge range of specialist areas.

Your own translator

At ETC Europe, you always have a regular contact person whom you can always approach for questions or comments. Where possible, we use the same translators for your translation projects. The advantage is that you can rely on your translations being very consistent. In addition, the translators get to know your organisation, your products and your services better. As a result, their translations are always consistent with your organisation’s house style.

You always get customised work

Every translation job is unique. The nature and length of the text, the type of translation, the language combination and the desired delivery date are different for each job. This is why you receive a tailored quote from us for every project. This means that you are always offered the best possible price. In addition, there is always room for additional requests and adjustments to the project. Contact your contact person for more information about the way we work.