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Commercial translation Quote

ETC Europe uses specialist translators to translate your commercial texts and marketing material such as web
texts, press releases, brochures and corporate presentations. With commercial translation it is crucial that the message, as well as style and tone, remain intact. Literal translation will not do. Our marketing translators provide supple, easy-to-read translations in which the commercial character of the original remains unchanged.

Cultural aspects

ETC Europe’s marketing translators are very aware of the cultural aspects of your commercial texts. A persuasive text in one language doesn’t necessarily work well in another language. In some countries it is quite usual to use English terms, but in others it is frowned upon. Humour, too, is culture-oriented. Our translators are always alert to these subtle differences.

‘C’est le ton qui fait la musique’. The brand awareness of your customers will vary from country to country. ETC Europe’s marketing translators ensure the tone and style of your commercial translation are consistent with your existing marketing material in the target language. Your communications goals are always the guiding principle in this regard.

Copy translation

We have a special service for commercial texts and marketing material − the copy translation. Copy translation means that the original text is translated into the target language first by an experienced marketing translator, after which the translation is edited by an editor or copywriter. This results in a text that reads as if it was originally written in the target language. Your account manager will tell you more about the possible options.

Multilingual projects

Are you thinking about launching an international marketing campaign? Do you intend to market your product in several countries? We can provide you with perfect translations of your brochures, product leaflets, presentations, websites and other marketing material into all the languages you need. ETC Europe has extensive experience with multilingual projects. We make sure that you get your message across loud and clear in all languages and we deliver on time − even when you require the simultaneous delivery of commercial translations in dozens of languages.