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Technical Translation Quote

Technical terminology holds no secrets for ETC Europe’s translators. Whether it involves the technical translation
of safety regulations for erecting radio masts, an environmental impact report for the construction of an industrial
plant or building specifications for an office complex, we have the right technical translator for you. Every translation project is geared to your requirements, based on quality and continuity. Every translation is checked for correctness, style, terminology, completeness, spelling, nuance, etc. by our reviewers.

Working method

When translating technical documentation, the use of the correct terminology is of the utmost importance, as are consistency, clarity and lack of ambiguity. For this reason, we only use professional translators with a sound technical background. They use the latest translation tools to translate your texts, including translation memories and terminology bases.

This working method has the following advantages:

  • Cost savings: translation memories allow translators to reuse sections from previously translated texts. This considerably reduces costs.
  • Speed: multiple translators can work on larger translation projects at the same time.
  • Consistency: consistent use of the correct terminology in all texts.


Quality control is a crucially important part of technical translation, often even a matter of life and death. We have been working according to this strict quality standard for many years. But we go further than this. Our translations also comply with the procedure of ISO and NEN-EN 15038.