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Quality Assurance Quote

ETC Europe provides you with the most comprehensive service in the field of translation and ancillary services.
We work according to the procedures of the latest translation Standard ISO 17100:2015 so you can be sure that your texts are in safe hands with us. We tackle the task efficiently and to your requirements. Quality and reliability are the point of departure for every project.

Quality of translation

Our specialist translators are an important factor in the quality provided by ETC Europe. They all have language-related qualifications and only translate into their native tongue. All translations are checked by a reviewer.

ETC Europe uses advanced translation memory software and other translation tools. These tools enable us to achieve consistency of style and terminology in your translations. In addition, these efficient working methods significantly reduce delivery times.

We measure the quality of our translations by asking ourselves whether we have met your requirements. For this reason, it is very important to us to build a close relationship with you. You therefore always have a regular contact person at ETC Europe who will visit you in order to map out your requirements and expectations so that we can supply you with the best possible quality. Your contact person is also your regular point of contact for questions about translations or about the other services we provide.

Quality of service

The quality of our services is guaranteed by our customised approach. And here too, we are guided by your specific wishes. Do you often have ad hoc translations that need to be done in a short time? Do you want to enter into a framework agreement for recurrent assignments? Are there project management tasks we can take over from you? We would like to know what is important for you in your relationship with us as a translation partner. This is the basis of our service to you.

Do you have specific requirements for your assignment or of the services provided by ETC Europe? Please pass these on to your contact person. He or she has an in-depth knowledge of your field of expertise and will be able to advise you on a wide range of subjects.

Your peace of mind is our primary concern. It is important that you can concentrate on your core activities. We would therefore like to relieve you of as much work as possible. We can supply you with professional translations, including revision and formatting checks, and we are always ready to implement the final changes for you. In short, our task is to save you time and effort.

ETC Europe is a flexible and reliable partner to a large number of institutions and companies. You can feel assured that your text is in safe hands with us. We would like to hear from you what you consider to be important for a top-quality translation. Phone us at +32 2 5111213 or email us at for a personal introduction.