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Financial Translation Quote

The financial translation experts at ETC Europe are true specialists in financial terminology. Besides linguistic knowledge, they have an in-depth knowledge of the financial world. They have thorough understanding of financial
and economic texts. Annual reports, for example, are always translated according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Knowledge of the field is essential, which is why ETC Europe always selects the most suitable translator with the appropriate expertise to translate your financial texts. All translations undergo a standard check by a financial reviser with comparable qualifications and experience.

Short delivery times

Besides quality, ETC Europe also guarantees speed. Our standard is to deliver financial translations in the short term. Moreover, we work on urgent financial projects on a daily basis. Thanks to our extensive global network of almost three thousand professional translators, we have a huge capacity. Where necessary, our translators also work during the weekend, in the evening or at night to finish your texts. Multiple translators can also work on the translation of your texts at the same time. Our short delivery times also apply to multilingual projects. Our account managers will be happy to discuss the possible options with you.

An eye for detail

The smallest details matter when translating financial and economic texts. Misplacing a full-stop or a comma can have serious consequences. We never underestimate the job of making minor changes to your financial translation either. To ensure that all details are correct, the translation is therefore always checked for completeness, grammar, spelling and correctness by an independent financial reviser.


We guarantee absolute confidentiality throughout the entire translation process. We have strict confidentiality procedures and work in a secure IT environment. At your request, we will sign a confidentiality agreement drawn up by you or us.