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Localisation Quote

Localisation, the translation of software, is one of ETC Europe’s specialisations. We work for a range of software companies, including the manufacturers of operating systems and office applications, database systems, ERP, CRM
and HRM systems, embedded software, mobile applications and games. Our professional software translators implement localisation projects for these customers on a daily basis.

Guaranteed consistency

The main challenge when localising software is to maintain consistency between the user interface and the related help texts, manuals and system manager documentation. The user interface texts are often written – and localised – at different times then other texts, at the risk that the terminology in the user interface may be translated differently then in other texts. This can affect the ‘user experience’ when the software is put into production.

To meet this challenge, ETC Europe uses advanced tools when localising software. This ensures that the links between the user interface and the remaining documents remain intact. We use support software, translation memories, terminology databases and glossaries to guarantee the consistency of all localised texts.

Flexibility in everything

We regard every localisation project as a customised assignment and fully tailor our service to your specific needs. But we are also very flexible in the area of technology. We can translate all current file formats for you without having to convert them. We can also extract text from different files, such as help texts from executables.

Maximum convenience

ETC Europe makes life easier for you. We manage your complete localisation project from start to finish, even when it involves tens of thousands of words and dozens of languages. You just need to supply us with the files. We’ll take care of the rest. And, needless to say, we’ll send you back the localised files on time.