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Privacy Policy (GDPR) Quote

Privacy Statement ETC Europe scrl  

Company:       ETC Europe scrl/cvba, 15 rue Guimard, 1040 Brussels

Contact person: Angelina Janssen, Managing Director –

As an SME, ETC Europe is not obliged to have an appointed GDPR-officer.

We save the data given to us spontaneously by clients and resources in order to be able to execute our services.

Maximum retention period of data: Five years from the date of receipt of your data, unless there is a working relationship with you that goes beyond this period of time.

All data collected from clients and resources is stored in a dedicated remote server, maintained by the provider CCS, a remote data centre that applies strict security measures and has a compliant GDPR-procedure in place.

In line with the newly adopted regulations for data protection GDPR, our company’s policy is outlined as follows:

For clients

All contact-information freely provided by the client, such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers, will be registered in our system. This information needs to be saved for the purpose of producing quotes, obtaining replies to queries that arise during the translation process, for the purpose of invoicing and for informing you of our special offers or new products.

Data are accessible to our in-house staff only and will never be distributed to any third party.

We keep these data as long as our company is in an active relationship with you. We will remove them at the moment you notify us of the end of such relationship.

Personal data contained in documents for translation

The content of your documents may contain personal data. All documents for translation are treated as confidential and we have processes in place to protect your content.

Sometimes we need the services from resources based outside the EU or the EEA; countries that do not fall under the Data privacy laws under the GDPR. This situation is common to all Language Service Providers in the EU and is a fundamental feature of our industry. We are working on practical solutions to address this issue and expect to provide a GDPR compliant pathway for translation content in due course.


For translators/interpreters

All contact-information freely provided by the translator/interpreter, such as e-mail address and phone number(s), is registered in our management system. This information needs to be saved for the purpose of contacting potential resources for new assignments, producing purchase orders, keeping track of ongoing translation/interpreting assignments (who’s doing what), and for checking invoices received from the translators/interpreters.

Translators/interpreters sending their CV spontaneously to ETC Europe, are free in deciding which personal information to include apart from the necessary contact-information such as e-mail address and phone number(s).

Data are accessible to our in-house staff only and will never be distributed to any third party.

Information about bank accounts on invoices: This information is absolutely needed for making payments. Copies of invoices will be kept in paper form for any tax controls that may take place. According to Belgian law, ETC Europe is to keep these copies for ten years.

Use of CVs in tenders or at the request of clients (interpreting):

ETC Europe often takes part in official tenders from the EU-institutions whereby the inclusion of CVs from translators/interpreters may be required.

CVs will never be included in tenders without the prior consent of the resources.

For interpreting assignments, clients may ask ETC Europe to provide CVs of the interpreters in order to check on their experience and their suitability for the task. ETC Europe will not provide those CVs without the prior consent of the interpreters.

For Job applicants

All of the information you provide during the process of your application will only be used for progressing your application. Other information will be used to assess your suitability for the job you applied for. Your information will be stored as long as necessary to complete the procedure. It will not be shared with any third party.

After closure of the application procedure, and in the case your application was unsuccessful, your data will be removed from our files.


Brussels, 25th May 2018