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Public affairs translation Quote

The translation of government and political texts, such as policy documents, discussion papers, congress reports
and party programmes, requires a specific approach. The translator must understand the political and cultural
context of the texts in order to guarantee that the political impact is not lost in translation. Political texts, moreover, often attract considerable public and media attention. The tiniest translation error could have significant political consequences.

ETC Europe: familiar with European government translation

ETC Europe has been the preferred translation agency for official European translations for over twenty years. We are located in Brussels, the political heart of Europe. Since we were founded, we have been supplying translations to the European Parliament, the European Commission and numerous other European and international institutions. Consequently, our translators have extensive experience with political texts. Their understanding of the tone and the purpose of political texts is so finely-tuned that they exactly know which words to use in order to translate the political message.

Confidential and reliable

We treat your political documents and texts with the utmost discretion. All our employees are bound by a strict confidentiality undertaking. Our translation processes, project management and quality control comply with the ISO and NEN procedures. Why not contact us? We will be happy to tell you more about the measures we take to guarantee absolute confidentiality.

When the assignment involves tight deadlines or translation into multiple languages, you can rely on ETC Europe. Thanks to our extensive pool of professional translators we can translate very large amounts of text in a short time. Without any loss of quality and within the agreed time frame.