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Copywriting Quote

How can you be sure to reach your target group? By using clear, persuasive text. In order to create good copywriting, the copywriter immerses himself/herself in your organisation, products and services. More importantly,
the copywriter comes to grips with the target group and the goals you have in mind. Is your goal to inform the target group? Or to activate them? Or to consolidate your market position? Based on the answers to these questions, the copywriter chooses the appropriate tone of voice and style for the text.

Copywriting by ETC Europe

ETC Europe’s copywriters are masters of their discipline and they deliver readable, fluent texts for every possible situation and medium. For example:

Web texts

Writing for the web requires a particular approach: compact texts that grab the attention, short sentences, sub-headings that convey meaning, and concise wording of the message. Our copywriters have a thorough command of this kind of writing. And while writing their texts, they are always aware that your website must be easy to find.


Brochures, mailings, flyers, packaging, annual reports, etc. If your text needs to be persuasive or promotional, you can rely on ETC Europe’s copywriters. After a thorough briefing, they get cracking for you. The texts are geared to your target group and present a clear picture of your products and services.

Other kinds of text

You can also use our writers for other types of text. Examples of our work include texts for education and training, manuals, instructions for use, user documentation, etc. Each type of text requires a different approach. Where necessary, we also deploy specialist technical writers who use special methods and tools to produce large amounts of complex user documentation in a structured way.